The Project GratOtude challenge is for all of us to INCREASE GRATITUDE IN OUR LIVES!

A challenge helps us do these four things:

  1. Test - To test our ability as well as our commitment
  2. Dare – To go beyond the usual and encourage others to do the same
  3. Confront – To face those things in our life that matter the most
  4. Defy – To exceed what we deem possible in own lives and together as a group

During the first phrase of Project GratOtude we introduced each month, for nine months, a new theme related to gratitude in the form of a challenge to provide you with the teaching and tools needed to help you implement it in your own life.  The following are the 9 challenges that we used to first introduce Project GratOtude.  If you haven’t already, we encourage you to take the gratitude challenges (in any particular order).  Click on the challenges below to get started.

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