Thanking Family and Friends

We are so honored to introduce you to some special guests who will help inspire us how to be more grateful for our family and friends.

For Our Family

Jeanne Dowell

The Green Buddha Story – Mother/Daughter Team

Dana Dowell Windatt

If you can, join us live for our interview with this fascinating family duo from San Francisco, CA who have taken their love of gratitude and yoga and combined it into a special business.  Their mission with The Green Buddha is “to promote a lifestyle of gratitude, compassion, and love while raising one’s consciousness to higher values in life.”  Their product line and philosophy will inspire us to look and feel more grateful as we share it with others.

We are thrilled to share with your our interview with Jeanne and Dana.  You’ll be inspired by their story and filled with gratitude.

Listen to our interview and be the FIRST ONE to answer the question asked in the interview and you’ll receive a FREE Attitude of Gratitude short sleeve t-shirt compliments of Jeanne & Dana of The Green Buddha.


Instilling More Grateful Children – Author Annie Zirkel

Annie Zirkel is a mom, Relationship Consultant, Speaker and Author of  You’ll Thank Me Later: A Guide to Raising More Grateful Children (& Why It Matters). She was the founder and the previous editor of A Different Path, a newsletter for families raising children with disabilities, and author or the 1994 local best seller – Cheap Living In Ann Arbor. Topics of interest to Annie in both her practice and writing are: gratitude (obviously), optimism, bullying prevention, couples’ connection, conflict resolution and almost any topic related to the task of relating. You can find her writings at her website at
She is also currently running the With her family she created the 30 Days of Gratitude Project – a 30 day, 30 theme challenge in gratitude going on now during the month of November to challenge all of us to be more grateful this month.

Join us as we interview Annie to find out more about her background and gratitude expertise.  Listen to the recorded audio interview that you can access. Annie is giving away a FREE book to the first listener that answers in the comments below section the question she asks all of us.

For Friends

It is said that friends multiply our blessings and divide our sorrows!  It’s a joy for me to introduce you to my closest friends, Julie Wylie and Sara Zittlow.  We formed a special group called WINGS (Women In Nourishing Group for the Soul) more than 13 years ago to focus on growing our lives together.  Gratitude is central with our group.  Find more about WINGS and how you too can form your own group.

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Lisa Barta December 9, 2010 at 7:55 pm

I loved this interview with Jeanne and Dana! It was amazing that they took this idea and made it a reality with the two of them together. I have loved seeing when I put forth the effort of being extra gracious for example at the store or something how that impacts people around me and their attitudes seem to change!



admin December 10, 2010 at 5:06 am

It is a wonderful interview! Thank you for taking the time to listen to the inspirational efforts of this mother and daughter team. Attitudes can change quickly when we have that attitude of gratitude in mind. Speaking of an attitude of gratitude, Lisa, you are the first Project GratOtude community member to comment about Dana and Jeanne’s interview question. We’ll be sharing with you on behalf of The Green Buddha and Project GratOtude, a special attitude of gratitude t-shirt!!


Lisa Barta December 16, 2010 at 8:13 pm

Although I didn’t hear the question at the end (due to computer problems) I just wanted to comment how much I enjoyed hearing about the different stages of gratiude. This is something I am working on myself but also want so much for my kids to have within them. Thanks for sharing this wonderful message!


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