Gratitude as a Way of Life

Many of us wonder, how can we make gratitude not just be something that we do once in awhile or when it feels good.  But how can we truly make gratitude become a way of life?  How can being grateful be something that we are, not just something that we strive to be?

Introducing Paul Taubman II

This month’s case study is Paul Taubman II, otherwise known as the gratitude guru.  Paul chooses each day to make gratitude a way of life for him.  He started blogging about gratitude as a way to express it being part of who he is.  Paul’s blog, is read by thousands every day from around the world.  He encourages us to make gratitude part of our daily life through his blog entries and daily gratitude bursts of inspiration.

We were introduced to Paul early in the Project GratOtude challenge, when he heard about our gratitude challenge.  Right away he expressed his support and interest by joining our Dream Team.  We are so grateful to have such a good living example of gratitude on our team too.

Take a look at his blog and sign up for his daily inspirations, similar to ours.  You can never get enough reminders to be grateful.  Read his blog for inspiring stories, videos and resources.  One of my favorites is when he shares with us that he agrees to donate bone marrow to a complete stranger called Gratitude for a Video Blog.

Audio Interview with Paul Taubman II

Listen in to our audio interview as we learn more about Paul and from him.

Great Examples Blog

Gratitude is everywhere – once we make it  a way of life.  See how this concept showed up for Janae one day in her life.  Janae also shares the gratitude she feels to have voting be a way of life for us Americans.  Read more.

Making gratitude a way of life for YOU

Let us know how YOU are making gratitude a way of life for you.  Who are some examples of people you know that integrate gratitude as part of their life?  Share in the comments below.

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