Welcome to our Community!

With heartfelt appreciation we want to thank you for joining the Project GratOtude community and committing to the challenge to BE MORE GRATEFUL!  We are dedicated to giving you the best of what we’ve learned.  In fact, we’ll make it so easy and inspiring for you that you’ll BE COMPELLED TO SHARE GRATITUDE (and of course Project GratOtude) with everyone you meet!

As we go, this site will grow.  What this means is that as we build our community of gratitude givers , we will also expand the resources offered our community members.  So stay tuned for an exciting journey ahead.

Become ONE with our Community: 

  • Number ONE Dream TEAM - meet those who are giving their gifts to make this Big Dream come true.  We would love to have you share your gifts with us and join our TEAM!
  • ONE Unforgettable Philosophy – understand the beliefs and values driving this project
  • ONE-of-a-Kind Approach – see the unique way we’ll inspire, support and help you receive the results you desire

Discover More about our Challenges:

  • Gratitude Challenges Themes - review the challenge themes and what you can do to best prepare and complete them.  Make and leave comments, sharing with us your experience with the challenges.
  • Challenge Case Study – learn from Janae Bower  in the THE GREAT EXAMPLE BLOG as she shares with all of us her experience implementing gratitude

Be Part of the Big Dream:

Ever wonder what it’s like behind the scenes to start with a big dream and turn it into a reality?  Janae shared audio messages with you in THE BIG DREAM BLOG what it really took to launch and maintain Project GratOtude.  You’ll hear how she “Led By Faith” with this project – hearing about the challenges, concerns and chaos she faced as well as the inspirations, ideas and insights that happened along the way.

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