ONE-of-a-Kind Approach

Our unique approach to this challenge is to inspire, support and help you receive the results you desire!.  Here’s how.  You’ll periodically receive email notifications called Project GratOtude Moments of Inspiration containing the latest insights to encourage you.  Within the website we have so many ways you can check out at any time to learn more about gratitude.

Challenges- Your ONE Idea to Inspire

There are nine gratitude challenges you can take.  While you don’t have to take them in a certain order, they were originally released during the first phrase of Project GratOtude as nine-month challenge.  Each theme each covers a multitude of perspectives for learning about and living gratitude.

      Resources – Your ONE Thing to Do

      We provide  you – our community members – with resources to support you to take action to be more grateful.  Whether it’s learning about a new gratitude practice or product, we’ll guide you through exactly what you need to do implement gratitude.  Video demonstrations, audio blogs and telemseminars on gratitude with experts – you’ll get whatever you need to make it happen.

      Quotes – Your ONE Minute Reminder

      We’ve provided on the site many gratitude-related quotes to help remind you daily of your intention, commitment to this project.  We suggest reading a quote a day to act as an alarm clock reminding you to be more grateful.  Since all of us are inundated on a daily basis with so much information, it is easy to lose focus of what matters most.  Taking ONE minute each day to read and reflect on the gratitude quotes will refocus your intention and rejuvenate your commitment.

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