ONE Unforgettable Philosophy

Here is our Project GratOtude philosophy, the six beliefs and values that drive our vision.

The “ONE Thing”

What is that “ONE thing” – the secret to life? We believe that gratitude is ONE of the most important secrets to living your best life!  Gratitude enhances your love for people and appreciation for life.  It’s the “ONE thing” guiding this challenge and inspiring us to make a difference.

ONE Life to Live

Why is Project GratOtude important? We have one life to live here on Earth, so why not  make the most of it by living our lives fully and gratefully.  We don’t want to live with regrets and wait until it’s too late to let someone know how they make a difference in our life.  So let’s go for IT and truly live as if our lives depend on it!

The ONE Above

Divine guidance from the ONE above – God, angels and the universe – is who inspires, leads and guides us.  This project is dedicated to God, the ONE above, in gratitude for all of the blessings in our lives.

The Power of ONE

One idea, one person, one word.  The power of ONE is all it takes to make a tremendous difference in the world.  Just like a pebble creates many ripples in water, so too can ONE person – YOU – create a ripple-effect of love and appreciation when becoming more grateful.

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ONEness is the Way

While it only takes one person to create a ripple effect, becoming ONE with each other creates an endless amount of ripples and impact.  When 1 + 1 are alone they add up to equal 2.  However when you combine 1 & 1 together that equals 11, creating a much more significant impact.  Being grateful helps us feel more connected to one another, bringing us closer to ONEness.

ONE Step at a Time

How will we all do this? ONE step at a time.  All we ask is that you take ONE step at a time as we are doing the same thing – just one step ahead blazing the trail for Project GratOtude.  Together, we’ll trust that each step we take brings more gratitude into our lives by the end of this Project GratOtude journey.

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