Project GratOtude is dedicated to God, the One above, who blesses us abundantly every day.  May this project, and those community members who are a part of it, be inspired to Give God Gratitude daily by increasing gratitude in our lives!

FYI: The first phase of this project was originally dedicated to Oprah and launched as a 9-month challenge during to coincide with her last season (Sept. 2010 – May 2011).  Below are some excerpts from the original launch to honor Oprah.

This project is dedicated to honor Oprah and launched at the beginning of her farewell season (Sept. 13, 2010).    Are you up for the challenge to BE MORE GRATEFUL by the end of Oprah’s 9-month season in May 2011?

Why Oprah?

Project GratOtude is dedicated to Oprah because she has been one of my greatest teachers of how to live gratitude and give more.  Dr. Robert Emmons in his book Thanks: How the New Science of Gratitude Can Make You Happier explains how gratitude is a building block for increasing the benevolence in the world and binding people together in reciprocity. And who does this best? Oprah!  So let’s bind together in reciprocity and increase the benevolence in the world through Project GratOtude as a dedication to honor and give thanks to Oprah for all that she and her staff at Harpo have done for us these last 25 years!

Who is Part of the Project GratOtude Community?

Our community is made of all of us willing to increase gratitude in our lives so that we can impact others.  It’s FREE to join! Oprah’s kickoff to last year’s season is a great metaphor for how we are kicking off Project GratOtude, which runs in alignment with her farewell season.

Just like the dance that starts with one person, this project started the same way – with just One person – Janae Bower – inspired to start this gratitude movement.  Then a few more people join in the dance, just like those who have become our Project GratOtude Dream TEAM.  Soon everyone is dancing together and you can see the energy and feel joy rising as this seemingly “mob of people” join together for one of the most beautifully orchestrated events.

We’ve gotta GREAT feeling about what’s in store for all of us who are embarking on this Project GratOtude journey together.  You will feel joy rising for yourself as you make a difference and others will catch your contagious energy!  Let’s do IT!!!

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