Movie Reflections

Gratitude comes to us in many ways.  One way I’ve noticed lately are through a few movies that I’ve seen.

Julie & Julia

Three people told me I should see this movie. Since the premise of this movie is similar in that the character, Julie, creates a challenge for herself cooking Julia Childs recipes) and she blogs about it.  Dream Team member Sharon Bertrand and I watched it together a few weeks after the project started and here’s what I learned.

p.s. Want to share with you one more thing.


It’s been a few years since I’ve seen the whole movie, which I loved, and caught the end of it just this weekend. If you haven’t seen it, I suggest you do.  Adam Sandler’s character wants to fast forward the boring parts of his life and gets the opportunity to do so in a dream.  He sees what happens to his life when he it puts most of it in fast forward.  After he wakes up from this dream of what happened in his life when he wasn’t fully present,  he is given a second chance. His guardian angel tells him, “Like a said, good guys need a break.  This time I know that you’ll do it right.”

Now he is “awaken” – fully present and truly grateful for his ordinary life. The first thing he does is to  give thanks to those who matter most!  He goes to his parents and tells them he loves them, even thanking his mom for giving birth to him.  He gets excited about being with his kids and wife, finally truly present to them.  We can all use this reminder to be grateful for the ordinary lives we have.

Hallmark’s Hall of Fame Movie November Christmas

This movie is about a young girl with cancer and how her community came together to support her during this difficult journey. It was a heartfelt example in which members of a community gave of their time and showed their gratitude toward her family.  The young girl at the end of the movie said something that really connected with me, “The real medicine for me to get better was the boundless goodness that those showed to me and my family in our town. ”


Watched for the first time the animated movie by Jerry Seinfield called Bees.  Here are a few phrases from the movie that resonated with me and this project.

  • So what can one bee really do?  Did you ever think that a young boy could ever do this?  Did you ever think that you would be making a difference?
  • What have we gotten into?  I don’t know but it’s pretty big. We are representing all the bees over the world.
  • What was I thinking? We are just a couple of bugs in the world.
  • If we do a small job and do it well together, we will make a big difference!
  • It’s a great day to fly!
Share your comments on what movies you’ve seen examples of grateful living?

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