Self love and NOT working harder

In the middle of my vision board, I have one phrase that I do believe really sums up what I want to be this year and how I want to be.  It says “goddess of unconditional love.”  Wow, when I first saw it I thought it would be good to have this on my board.  Then when I put it on my vision board, it really got me excited. This is a way of being for me that I strive for, which is why I strategically placed it in the center of my board by a picture of me with my family.  Now this challenge for the month will be about really living this out.  How can I put this love into action?  I’m excited to see how different I’ll be with my relationships if I take this serious and practice LOVE and not only LOVE but unconditional love this year.

One way I’ve decided to be more loving to myself is to use this month to work smarter and not harder. Sometimes I tend to work really hard and don’t get very far.  Instead I’ve let go the concept of working hard so that I can hardly work.  I’ve just let go of what my days should be like and let it flow.  Of course I can’t do this totally as there are places I need to be at certain times and have certain deadlines, otherwise, I’ve let go a lot of how I think my day should unfold.  Especially worrying a lot about getting so many things DONE!!!  Instead I’ve decided to take more time and be.  Be me, be in the moment and be totally present.

So this is how it happened to me today. I knew that today I needed to figure out the theme for the week for Project GratOtude.  I had been inspired to do a strategic plan about the vision for each month at the beginning of the project.  Instead of going by this, I decided to see how things would unfold for the day and what would come to me.  So I spent time really going through my email. I savored each email and who it was from.  I did a couple of the chain emails, wishing good blessings to others. I listened to a couple of free videos and checked out some websites that I’ve wanted to do so for awhile.  You see when I was working “harder,” these would be things that I would skip because I wasn’t doing enough work. These are all examples of things that feed my inner being, but not things that produce outer work.

One website I reviewed was for the upcoming international day of self love – Feb. 13.  I had heard of this early from Project GratOtude Dream Team member Mike Robbins of his friend’s work Christine Arylo.  Yet today I took time to check it out. She has done marvelous work for all of us on how to really love ourselves.  Her resources made me think about how much or how little do I really love myself.  It also inspired me to make a love-date with myself on Feb. 13 to practice what she is sharing.  I also thought why not give myself a little love now.

What do I like love the best?  One of the things is taking a hot bubble bath.  Inspired to do so, I went to our two bath tubs and my inspiration soon left me as it would require “working harder” to make this happen.  (See one of our baths had old left over water from giving my 16 month old a emergency bath before we left this morning due to a blowout.  The other tub needed a good cleaning too.  So forget that!).  Then I thought, “what is another thing I love to do and usually don’t take the time to do.  Lay in the sun?  Meditate?”  Living in MN with it being less than 10 degrees outside, I couldn’t lay outside in the sun, but I could lay on my office floor with the sun streaming through the window.  I could then meditate as well.  So this is what I did.  And this is exactly the love I needed.

After my ½ hour of meditation, I am now fully awake and full of energy.  During my meditation, I received the entire outline for my upcoming training; I wrote my spirituality in the workplace blog for the week; I had ideas for what I wanted my weekly theme to be and I felt completely refreshed to write this.  It’s amazing as I write this now, I’m fully aware and present.  The information is just flowing through me. I’m writing incredibly fast and not critiquing what I write. My finger tips are lightly tapping the keys and I feel like I could write for hours.  Often many times when I’m “working harder,” I sit at the keyboard for hours forcing something to come.  I feel heavy and my results are a heavy heart with no inspirations.  Instead of taking the time to give myself some love, I usually work harder.  Not this time.  I feel so good because I took that time for the self love, which was to meditate and be.  While I might have lost productive working time, I actually gained time by loving myself enough to NOT work harder.

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Aimee Petra February 20, 2011 at 11:47 pm

Janae, Thank you for writing this! I hear you…been so busy keeping all my balls in the air right now, tons of blessings but huge responsibilities too. I’ve been going like crazy checking everything off my list- today in the middle of our snowstorm I’ve been doing some long neglected housecleaning and was just going to jump into some work. Instead I stopped, took a bath for a little break and made time to check out your weekly section. So glad I did as your words ring true. Working smarter, not harder is such a great goal and truly makes a difference:)


admin February 21, 2011 at 7:33 pm

Hi Aimee,

Thanks for sharing your experience! Good for you for taking the time out to slow down so that you could get some inspiration and remember to not work harder. It seems like it’s a constant reminder that I need daily to not get back into the trend mill of working harder.

Here’s to making a difference by working smarter together and loving ourselves in the meantime!


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